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R-BS Views is published weekly and delivers over 6,500 copies to the Anglo areas in Ramat Beit Shemesh and Beit Shemesh. As a weekly publication, there is a triple benefit for your clients – the opportunity to target your advertisement close to an event date, ongoing exposure to your clientele and to potential customers, as well as high visibility of ads due to the compact format of R-BS Views.

The “R-BS Views” is an ads only publication which ensures that its readers will focus on the advertisements quickly and in a timely fashion. R-BS Views is a “must-read” for the reading public and is the paper your customers will anticipate and look forward to reading each week.

You and your team are a pleasure to work with. You are very fast and responsive and you really understand things.


If you are looking for big results from your advertising campaign, I cannot say enough good things about RBS Views.
The graphic artists are creative and responsive, the staff is professional and service oriented, and most important, we generate revenues directly from these ads! Many thanks.

Yehuda Greenman, Owning Partner, Rimon Realty

Most of my customers come because of my RBSViews ads!


Your paper really is the "Paper I wait for"


Thanx for a great advertiser throughout the whole year.


Your weekly magazine is one of the most beautifully laid-out and designed
that I have seen, and I have seen a LOT.


Your form of advertising is amazing.The weekly e-mail with the flipbook is brilliant! It really works, you got my attention!!!


I enjoy getting the RBS views. Thanks for your hard work.


Thank you for your amazing publication!


RBS Views is my best source of leads for the Guest Suite

Aryeh Sonnenberg